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Drawing Board Productions

You’ve heard the jokes about bedwetters, but have you ever listened to the stories? Tamlynn Bryson recounts her sometimes heartbreaking, often hilarious true story of becoming a woman while still feeling like a child.

“Bryson has majestic comic timing” (Onstage Ottawa)

“Bryson is a delight to watch” (NOW Toronto).

Fool Muun Komming!

Slippery People

A traveler from beyond the stars is coming to prepare you.  For what? For the giant asteroid hurtling toward Earth, of course! Carl Sagan meets Andy Kaufman meets Marcel Marceau on acid in, Fool Muun Komming!, a kaleidoscopic love letter to science fiction, the imagination, and weirdos everywhere. 

I Sound Like Mom

Squirrels at War

The age old story of resistance, denial, rebellion and struggle as one woman turns into the only person she never wanted to be. Join Meghan on this personal, heartbreaking and hilarious journey of becoming the strongest woman she knows: her mother.

Mark Toland, Mind Reader

MT Productions

Mark Toland knows what you're thinking and proves it in this fast-paced performance. Can he read your mind?

Paperclips - The Musical

Louise Hollingsworth

When Mrs. Flemington took part-time, minimum-wage work at a big box office supply store, she had no idea she would be there 8 years later -- still looking for her career job and searching for meaning.  'Paperclips' will leave your foot tappin', your funny bone shakin' and your heart-strings plucked.

Woody Sed

Two Dollar Shoes

Woody Sed, a new play about the life and times of Woody Guthrie and the songs he sang about them. Featuring 19 songs, Woody Sed offers a cascade of 25 colorful characters, all bundled up in a true to life tale.

Your Princess is in Another Castle

Broken Turtle Productions

Princess Polly loses the vote for Miss Leader of the Free World to a Department Store Mannequin. A Prince Charming Type knows he can save you, if only you would listen. A dark comedy of errors from the creators of Roller Derby Saved My Soul and Everybody Dies In December.