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710 Dundas St.
London, ON
N5W 2Z4

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Circus of the Stars

What better way to close out the 2017 than with the Show to Beat All Shows! We can't tell you what will happen because we don't know. However, host extraordinaire Keith Brown always pulls something out of his pants - he is a magician after all! Keith and other Fringe performers will entertain, amuse, and surprise you with their closing night antics. 

Conversations Never Had

Breath in Mvmt

For when we lose people and don't have the chance - for when we are misunderstood or unheard - our words can be so lost on you, so let us express through movement.

"No better way in the world to have spent the previous 45 minutes." - Joe Belanger, The London Free Press


Low Five Dance

Doublespeak is a double feature dance performance presenting highly athletic and physically challenging works. First, dancers explore the meaning of being unique in today’s society. Followed by a strong all female cast that challenges the idea that men and women should be opposites, finding value and force in their femininity.

I Am From Planet Earth

Cross Cultural Learner Centre

Do you get asked every day ‘where are you from?’ based on your looks or your accent? Youth from diverse backgrounds explore themes on diversity and inclusion through this multi-arts production. Through video, music, painting, theatre and dance, youth have a message for you.


Arabic language with subtitles in English.

Noam Chomsky vs Rush Limbaugh

Ideology Productions

The western world’s leading icons of political rhetoric reluctantly meet, but for unexpected reasons.

"An amusing romp that squarely takes aim at political correctness in a way that I wish more art would.”
-Andrew Lawton; AM980

"These are the dialogues you wish would happen!"
-Michael Van Holst; City Councillor

Warning; there is more to the political bird than just the left and right wings.

Performer Showcase


Due to the overwhelming popularity of the Performer Showcase, we need to move to a ticketed event. Seating is LIMITED! 

Doors open at 7:00 pm for those with Advance Tickets, $8.00 ea (incl. s/c)

Doors open at 7:15 pm for regular seating. 

Fringe performers will have 2 minutes each to pitch their shows. This could be an excerpt or some other enticement to lure you into their show. There are ticket giveaways, draw prizes, and Downtown Dollar draws. You must be at the Performer Showcase to win. 

Pickled Heart

Shakespeare with Bite

When a deal Maggie made with Death comes due, she and her brother Sean journey to the Underworld where they must battle their differences, their disbelief, and lack of vital organs to save each other. A new fairy tale about life, death, and being a sibling.

Riding Hood


Just when you thought it was unsafe to go into the woods, an unexpected path appears as a scoundrel cries his voice into the night! Who do we call our enemy and why is it so? A folk-rock opera for all ages, with a dynamic cast and score.

The Song of Calliope

Sound in Motion

What do you do when a special person goes away? Who is there to guide you? How do you find meaning in the world around you? Join the nine mythical Greek muses on their journey to help a young girl who has lost her way. Comedy, drama, music & more!