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Martin Dockery

The ridiculous, true story of a search for meaning amidst love, loss, and butterflies at The Top of the World.

“A deliriously good show.” –CBC.

“Shout-it-from-the-rooftop acclaim for Delirium! A beautifully written, deftly performed, bruisingly intimate outing that offers humour and an emotional punch.” –Fresno Bee

Love Is A Battlefield

Concrete Drops Theatre

Battle lines are drawn with deceit and desire as a man and woman spar over a future that may be just out of reach - unless someone’s willing to do the unthinkable.

“Cunning, playful, flirtatious, mysterious, and barbed.” –Edmonton Journal.

“A gripping drama… wonderfully complex and layered.” –New Ottawa Critics.

My Planet and Me


A sad millennial receives telepathic communications from a distant planet.
Like. What do you even do in that situation? I don’t have a framework to process that, it’s ridiculous! Anyway. Come to my one-human supersensory speculative storytelling show to “find out” how I “dealt with it”.


new best friend

Everything changes. From stars lightyears away to the cells in your body. It's inevitable. But that doesn't mean we don't still freak out about it.

An obituary for romances, supernovas, and the fear of death itself - sometimes changing means ending, but an ending doesn't always have to be The End.

The Artist's Guide to Mental Health with Rob Gee (Forget Me Not - the Alzheimer's Whodunnit)

Themes include the connection between the arts and mental health, the therapeutic uses of creative activity, a breakdown of common psychiatric conditions and their symptoms, reducing effects of labelling and stigmatization, ethical issues and the responsibilities of a therapeutic relationship, user empowerment and social inclusion, and how to create a successful show about difficult subjects.

VisualFringe Opening

VisualFringe features the work of 25 local and area visual artists. Meet and mingle with the artists and be the first to purchase great artwork. The exhibit will run throughout the entire Fringe Festival, closing on Saturday, June 10.