London Fringe EarlyBird draw for 2018!

Monday, September 25


Back by popular demand, the Fringe will hold an earlybird draw for 10 spaces in the upcoming London Fringe (May 29 – June 9, 2018). First-come, first-in. The first 10 applicants (any category) will be accepted. Here are some of the other details and rules:


We will open the actual application at 11:00 am EST, Monday September 25th. It will be found on this page.


We will not accept any application before 12:00pm EST. If your application is time stamped on our system before 12:00pm EST, you are disqualified. For example a time of 11:59:59 will be disqualified. A time stamp of 12:00:01 and later is accepted.


We are only accepting online applications – no drop offs, snail mail, emails, or carrier pigeon deliveries. The link to the online application will be found on this webpage.


You must be prepared to pay your full fees immediately if you are one of the first 10.