Performer Showcase


Due to the overwhelming popularity of the Performer Showcase, we need to move to a ticketed event. Seating is LIMITED! 

Doors open at 7:00 pm for those with Advance Tickets, $8.00 ea (incl. s/c)

Doors open at 7:15 pm for regular seating. 

Fringe performers will have 2 minutes each to pitch their shows. This could be an excerpt or some other enticement to lure you into their show. There are ticket giveaways, draw prizes, and Downtown Dollar draws. You must be at the Performer Showcase to win. 

Fool Muun Komming!

Slippery People

A traveler from beyond the stars is coming to prepare you.  For what? For the giant asteroid hurtling toward Earth, of course! Carl Sagan meets Andy Kaufman meets Marcel Marceau on acid in, Fool Muun Komming!, a kaleidoscopic love letter to science fiction, the imagination, and weirdos everywhere. 


Low Five Dance

Doublespeak is a double feature dance performance presenting highly athletic and physically challenging works. First, dancers explore the meaning of being unique in today’s society. Followed by a strong all female cast that challenges the idea that men and women should be opposites, finding value and force in their femininity.