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...All the Devils are Here

Master Class Studios

Waiting. Two men.  An empty room. Tension mounts as the men begin to fear and loath each other. A  Film Noir view of stress and compulsion on ordinary men in extraordinary situations. 

A Nightmare on East Hastings

Bessie-Jean Productions

Bill’s been busy since he was at the London Fringe in 2014. He’s proud to return with an autobiographical comedy about his misadventures while managing residential properties in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside “Canada’s most notorious neighbourhood”.

“I Hate Bill Pats”. Winner Most Fringe Show - London Fringe.

“Deliciously entertaining” London Free Press

I Was a Sixth Grade Bigfoot

Hotsy Totsy Productions

Award winning storyteller Cyndi Freeman, presents a solo-show about hoaxes, bullies, and monsters. Weaving together true tales of a hoax perpetrated against her when she was 11 years old and trivia about the Bigfoot myth, she has created a show about the resilience it takes to survive childhood.

Old Fart

Theatre Para-Paraxis

 “Hilarious, Touching, Fun”. Old Tom takes you, by story and song, through the joys and challenges of living long, laughing hard and loving deeply.  Winner of the 2017 London One Act Festival’s People’s Choice Award and Best Actor Award.  Don’t miss the “Old Fart”.

This is Step One

New Twist Theatre Collective

Jess has it all together... at least that’s what she wants you to think. We are what we remember, and after an accidental and horrifying blast from the past, Jess begins to recount her less than virtuous teen/young adult life. Meet Jess, manic cleaner and recovering *ssh*ole.

Tragedy + Time Served = Comedy

Mark Hughes

How a semi-professional bank robber became a semi-professional comedian.

Workshop: Slapstick Comedy with A Little Bit Off (Bad Habits)

A Little Bit Off

The early history of American physical comedy can be traced from the early days of vaudeville and the silent film era, all the way through modern day Hollywood blockbusters.  The tradition of the onscreen antics of Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton, Laurel and Hardy and the Three Stooges, lives on today in circus and clown. Often practiced by aging acrobats, slapstick comedy sits at the intersection of acrobatics and acting.

This workshop covers the building blocks of slapstick comedy, including slips, trips, falls and slaps, as well as some acrobatics gone wrong, the right way.