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London, ON
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(Sex) Cult: A Musical (S)explosion

(Sex) Cult

Unhappy with the relationships in their lives, Brandon and Lexi form a cult and devote themselves entirely to each other. What does that mean? They'll figure it out as they go.

Knowing You

Scuba Diver Productions

Knowing You is a new original play about four siblings, each with different mothers, meeting for the first time when visiting their deceased father’s house to settle his affairs. The show is a dramatic look at family, friendship, coming to terms with death, and what it means to know someone.

Left Behind


No soldier gets left behind but when World War Two flying ace, Charley Fox is tasked with mentoring a young Afghan war vet he realizes there is more than one way war can hold on to a soldier, and he is reminded, that sometimes the toughest part of war is coming home.


Squirrel Suit Productions

Award-winning storyteller Carlyn Rhamey (SAOR, The ADHD Project) returns with new comedic tales of being afraid…of everything. Scary movies, haunted houses, the ocean, everything in the ocean, her job, wrinkles, glitter, sleepovers, dinosaurs, cheese graters, first graders, the cover of Goosebumps novels and…her mother.



A wildly dizzying whirl of juggling giggling magic and movement, puppetry pjs circus and socks … totally tangled together! A unicyclist careens on stage, suitcase in tow, unpacking a quirky world of clothes-pin towers, erratic toothbrushes and gargantuan grins. Objects swirl into chaotic creation in this solo circus show!


Throne Life

The Electronic Gospel Experience

Sonny strikes a deal for God's help based on one condition:  He Must be Resurrected as a Fool.  Sonny's dark side takes over telling his story with self-deprecating and sadistic humour relentlessly railing against God and man.