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Yes nobody's watching

Jake Simonds

Tom Hanks had Wilson. Jake Simonds has Spalding. Inspired by survival-in-isolation cinema and the monologues of Spalding Gray (“Swimming to Cambodia," Wooster Group), nobody's watching is a funny show about loneliness.

Before the Fall

Pendulum Theater

One autumn morning, three people arrive at work expecting an average day. Minutes later, their world explodes into chaos. Thrown into existential crises, they're forced to reconcile their situation and face the possibility of their own deaths, learning what it means to die, but also what it means to live.


Colette Kendall

From the 3x Canadian Comedy Award nominated creator of THE COCKWHISPERER comes CLIT WIT!  A shoddy at best feminist navigates a life of CCM bikes, novelty t-shirts, middle-age, love at first sight and other similar nightmares.

'A fearless performer, her candor is often shocking but it's also hilarious' Georgia Straight

Flute Loops

Devon More Music

With the latest viral hipster band due onstage any moment, a quantum physics student under the influence (of Stephen Hawking) attempts to warp time-space.  Music, math, and the substance of sound collide in a subatomic pop opera where anything that can happen does. From the poetic creator of Berlin Waltz.

Fraser the Hypnotist presents Life Happens

Fraser Frase

A perfect blend of comedy hypnosis mixed with mentalist and magic creates The Fraser Frase Experience

Watch crazy Fraser hypnotize volunteers to act out his bizarre suggestions of funny life situations.

Top all that with a little magic and stupid feats of mentalist and you have comedy that blows your mind.

Grade 8


A lot can happen at thirteen. In this coming-of-age 'storied concert', Lara takes us back, with humour and heart, to a year that tested her mettle and taught her to face her fears, performing songs from 1980/81 (including Blondie, Billy Squier, Diana Ross, The Police & Tom Petty).

Moments in Movements

Connor McPhail

Curated by: Melisa Boose & Connor McPhail

Random happenings between random people in which you can actively partake in.

Local dancers and musicians coming together to experiment, create and evolve something that will only exist in these moments and movements.