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Cleaning Up

Theatre Soup

Step into the sensible shoes of a house cleaner and find out what it's really like to clean houses for a living - the weird, the annoying, and the downright mysterious!  A sense of humour really goes a long way in the high-stakes world of housekeeping!

For anyone who has ever made a mess

Danger Zone

Admission is by donation.

No one really knows what is going to happen here. However, we can tell you that the Danger Zone is for Fringe performers to do something, anything really, that they have always wanted or been afraid to do on stage. The main rule is that it cannot be part of a show that they are doing or have done in the past. Risk taker extraordinaire Keith Brown will host/encourage/dare other performers to dive into the Danger Zone.

Dog's Misery Swamp

Pixel Productions

A crazy quilt of colliding obsessions: an idealistic con artist, a birdwatcher gone rogue, a billionaire with a foul fetish, a cryptic creature, and two guys in one pair of pants. In the horribly polluted swamp of a dying town, they're all in hot pursuit of their lives' holy grails!

Fool Muun Komming!<BeBgWundrful/YEsyes/4sureHi5TruLuv;Spank Spank:SOfun_Grate_Times>

The Invisible Theater of Minneapolis

An otherworldly being is coming to meet you.  Hurtling towards Earth inside a gigantic asteroid, It comes in peace!  It would never hurt It's beloved humans.



Armed with only physicality, kaleidoscopic imagination, and a plastic bag, 2017's Outstanding Solo Performance returns!

Gamer Boy

Patrick Avery-Kenny

Follow a young boy and his dreams on a cross-continental journey in the hopes of achieving professional video game stardom. Told from the perspective of his future self, see how 13 year old Patrick takes his gaming obsession 2299km too far. Just don't tell his parents.



“Imagine if Jim Carrey was in One Flew Over a Cuckoo’s Nest” - VUE Weekly

RibbitRePublic returns to Fringe (BEST PICTURE - Producer's Pick 2015, BE A MAN - Outstanding Comedy winner 2013, LETTERS IN WARTIME - Outstanding Performance winner 2012) with Daniel MacIvors' sit-down-stand-up-one-man-comedy-nightmare!

"Thoroughly Entertaining"  - Orlando Sentinel

So Tevye, Could You Use Another Daughter?

The Theatre Company

Thornhill, 1995: As Hannah prepares dinner on the eve of her son’s Bar Mitzvah, her father Isaac, a Holocaust survivor, announces his plans to marry a younger, non-Jewish woman.

The ADHD Project

Squirrel Suit Productions

Storyteller Carlyn Rhamey shares the trials and triumphs of growing up a little bit “special” and embracing what makes us different. Enter her world of chaos, creativity and combat with her mind.

Ottawa Emerging Artist Award 2017

★★★★ “CAPTIVATING” OnStage Ottawa

“Rhamey takes it to a higher level” ArtsAlly Hamilton


VisualFringe Artist's Bazaar

Back by popular demand!

Sunday June 3 from 12:30 - 7:30 pm & Friday, June 8 from 5:00 - 10:00 pm

Looking for an interesting and artsy gift? Shop at the pop-up VisualFringe Artist's Bazaar to support local artists and pick up unique items you won't find anywhere else at the festival. Proceeds from this event go directly to the artists.