International nobody's watching

Jake Simonds

Tom Hanks had Wilson. Jake Simonds has Spalding. Inspired by survival-in-isolation cinema and the monologues of Spalding Gray (“Swimming to Cambodia," Wooster Group), nobody's watching is a funny show about loneliness.

Bad Habits

A Little Bit Off

From the 20-time award-winning company that brought you Beau & Aero and Bella Culpa (Edmonton Fringe Best of Fest 2015 & 2016) - a NUNsensical show about two sisters of faith struggling to find the light... and stay in it. We pray you'll join us. "Physical comedy at its best" -London Free Press

Before the Fall

Pendulum Theater

One autumn morning, three people arrive at work expecting an average day. Minutes later, their world explodes into chaos. Thrown into existential crises, they're forced to reconcile their situation and face the possibility of their own deaths, learning what it means to die, but also what it means to live.

Dog's Misery Swamp

Pixel Productions

A crazy quilt of colliding obsessions: an idealistic con artist, a birdwatcher gone rogue, a billionaire with a foul fetish, a cryptic creature, and two guys in one pair of pants. In the horribly polluted swamp of a dying town, they're all in hot pursuit of their lives' holy grails!

Fool Muun Komming!<BeBgWundrful/YEsyes/4sureHi5TruLuv;Spank Spank:SOfun_Grate_Times>

The Invisible Theater of Minneapolis

An otherworldly being is coming to meet you.  Hurtling towards Earth inside a gigantic asteroid, It comes in peace!  It would never hurt It's beloved humans.



Armed with only physicality, kaleidoscopic imagination, and a plastic bag, 2017's Outstanding Solo Performance returns!

I Was a Sixth Grade Bigfoot

Hotsy Totsy Productions

Award winning storyteller Cyndi Freeman, presents a solo-show about hoaxes, bullies, and monsters. Weaving together true tales of a hoax perpetrated against her when she was 11 years old and trivia about the Bigfoot myth, she has created a show about the resilience it takes to survive childhood.

Jon Bennett: How I Learned to Hug

2Hoots Productions

Multi award-winning Australian storyteller Jon Bennett (Pretending Things are a Cock, Fire in the Meth Lab) is back!

Not a love story but a story of love, loss, sex and hugging told to a lady lookalike of Jay-Z whilst detained as a suspected terrorist in the Montreal Airport...

A true story.

Mark Toland: Mind Reader

Mark Toland


Six-time festival award winner, including "BEST OF FEST" in NYC, returns to London Fringe with an all new MIND BLOWING show.


Para Dos


Direct from Argentina, PointeTango dance company brings its latest show Para Dos- For Two! to London. Immerse yourself in the music of Buenos Aires and be swept away by spectacular lifts, graceful ballet, and the passion of Argentine tango. Don’t miss this one of a kind dance show!

What happens when the precision of classical ballet meets the intensity of Argentine tango? PointeTango!