Beaver Dreams (La Fièvre du Castor)

Lost & Found Puppet Co.

A schtick to sink your teeth into. WINNER of 2, NOMINATED for 5 Montreal Fringe Awards. Generation after generation. BEAVERS. Sharing the same land, the same lake, and the same nightmare depicting commercial development threatening their corner of paradise in the Laurentians, Quebec. Get wet at the best dam show!


Puppetry, Clown, Bilingual FR/EN, Projected animation, Verbatim storytelling

Before the Fall

Pendulum Theater

One autumn morning, three people arrive at work expecting an average day. Minutes later, their world explodes into chaos. Thrown into existential crises, they're forced to reconcile their situation and face the possibility of their own deaths, learning what it means to die, but also what it means to live.

Calum and the Whale


A young man in search of viral video fame plans an ultimate, adrenaline junkie stunt. Close to the shores of Cape Breton Island, he befriends a curious humpback whale with a huge hunger for adventure. This original musical features an east coast flavour with a dynamic, experienced cast.

Circus of the Stars

Admission is by donation.

What better way to close out the 2018 Fringe than with the Show to Beat All Shows! We can’t tell you what will happen because we don’t know. However, our talented host (Keith Brown, again and always!) pulls this night together with other amazing performers.  Keith and other Fringe performers will entertain, amuse, and surprise you with their closing night antics. Not recommended for those under 16.

Danger Zone

Admission is by donation.

No one really knows what is going to happen here. However, we can tell you that the Danger Zone is for Fringe performers to do something, anything really, that they have always wanted or been afraid to do on stage. The main rule is that it cannot be part of a show that they are doing or have done in the past. Risk taker extraordinaire Keith Brown will host/encourage/dare other performers to dive into the Danger Zone.

I Never Promised You a Rose Garden

Brooke Gilmour

From a young age we see the world through rose coloured glasses. While hypnotic and alluring, life’s misfortunes may permeate our once untarnished eyes. Ultimately, we are defined by our receptiveness to calamity, and allowing other colours to come into bloom may be the only way of coming to terms.

Moments in Movements

Connor McPhail

Curated by: Melisa Boose & Connor McPhail

Random happenings between random people in which you can actively partake in.

Local dancers and musicians coming together to experiment, create and evolve something that will only exist in these moments and movements.

Performer Showcase

London Fringe Festival

This is where it all begins... the buzz.. the excitement... Fringe performers will have a mere 2 minutes to show you what they have in store for 2018. You have the challenge of deciding what to see from this year's outstanding productions. There will be ticket giveaways, draw prizes, and Downtown Dollar draws. You must be at the Performer Showcase to win. Plus, with each ticket purchased, you get a FREE Fringe Button.

Police Cops

The Pretend Men

Following SELL OUT runs on London England's WEST-END and Edinburgh Fringe Festival, globally acclaimed comedy trio THE PRETEND MEN bring you their ★★★★★ multi award winning comedy blockbuster POLICE COPS; an 80's cop parody featuring supercharged physical comedy, high octane action and uncompromising facial hair.


London Dance Ensemble

A satirical take on the ballet Swan Lake, using various dance styles.  "Quack" is a humorous interpretation of the well-known stereotypes associated with this classic, with a few unexpected surprises and an inventive musical score.  Fun for the whole family in this bizarre tale of the tragic swan.