2 Sherlock Holmes Adventures


The game’s afoot!  The 2018 Winnipeg/Edmonton Fringe hit comes to the London stage.  Two deeply-seasoned Fringe vets  (Kenneth Brown and John Huston) perform two of Conan Doyle's best-loved stories.  



Join us and Chris dela Torre, the host of Afternoon Drive on CBC London, as our Master of Ceremonies for the evening.  Our performing companies will tread the boards to give you a 2 minute preview of what their show is going to be.


This event will SELL OUT so get your tickets *NOW*.

A Menagerie of Bones

Solla Sollew Productions

This is a true story about growing up in a dysfunctional family.  It's about resilience and courage and creativity, of course.  But more importantly, it's about a game. A game built from things other people threw away.  A game that saved my life.


Tim C. Murphy

A socially awkward dishwasher, PhD server, poet chef, some beer, and the question - is happier a choice? 


Vintage Players

"The 2006 Laurence Olivier Award For Best New Comedy", Tom Stoppard's adaptation is a warm hearted comedy starring the guy (s) who brought the award winning "Underneath The Lintel" "Whisper Into My Good Ear", and "The Fever" to past London Fringes. 

Knowing You

Scuba Diver Productions

Knowing You is a new original play about four siblings, each with different mothers, meeting for the first time when visiting their deceased father’s house to settle his affairs. The show is a dramatic look at family, friendship, coming to terms with death, and what it means to know someone.

La Vie En Rosen

La vie en Rosen

Ooh la la!

Left Behind


No soldier gets left behind but when World War Two flying ace, Charley Fox is tasked with mentoring a young Afghan war vet he realizes there is more than one way war can hold on to a soldier, and he is reminded, that sometimes the toughest part of war is coming home.

Left on Read

Zaid Shamsi

Love can be hard when you're left on read. Join Zaid on this journey as he shares his story of relationships, poor career choices, and ultimately finding himself.

Red Haired Girl

New Years Resolution Productions

A small town girl has a baby by her university professor and 20 years later goes looking for her.