(Sex) Cult: A Musical (S)explosion

(Sex) Cult

Unhappy with the relationships in their lives, Brandon and Lexi form a cult and devote themselves entirely to each other. What does that mean? They'll figure it out as they go.

2 Sherlock Holmes Adventures


The game’s afoot!  The 2018 Winnipeg/Edmonton Fringe hit comes to the London stage.  Two deeply-seasoned Fringe vets  (Kenneth Brown and John Huston) perform two of Conan Doyle's best-loved stories.  



Join us and Chris dela Torre, the host of Afternoon Drive on CBC London, as our Master of Ceremonies for the evening.  Our performing companies will tread the boards to give you a 2 minute preview of what their show is going to be.


This event will SELL OUT so get your tickets *NOW*.

80s Kids Will Understand

The Ringos

From scrunchies to Iran-Contra, everyone has warm memories of the 80s. And If you don’t? Let The Ringos remember it for you. Remember She-Ra? Not the new She-Ra. The old, bad one. Remember Alf?
Get ready to have your childhood ruined…or your parents’ childhood. Wait, how old are you again?

A One Night Stand With Mike Delamont

Mike Delamont

Long before God Is A Scottish Drag Queen, there was Carlo Rossi the Italian wine maker, Jimmy Peekaboo the lounge lizard, and Jurgen Muller the German polka enthusiast! Join fringe superstar Mike Delamont for a night of character sketch comedy to raise money for the London Fringe.



A Solo from the Pit

Teater KEF

Elias Faingersh, a virtuoso trombone player, reinterprets famous operas in a musical stand up comedy show, framed by his personal dramatic story.

A Woman's Guide To Peeing Outside

SE Grummett

Ever wondered how to perform the “Assisted Pee Over Water”? Join storyteller Holly M. Brinkman on a coming-of-age adventure. You’ll laugh. You’ll cry. You’ll try not to pee your pants.


Tyler West

A man waits in the lobby for an important job interview and everything goes wrong! Like getting trapped in a vending machine, farting bubbles, and loosing his resume. Performed in a style called "microphoned-mime" which combines pantomime and sound FX produced live by the actor.

An All New God Is A Scottish Drag Queen

Mike Delamont

God, dressed in a floral power suit, comes down to skewer everything from Armadillos to Zeus in an ALL NEW and hilarious hour of comedy. Come see why God is one of the most popular show on the fringe!

At Home, On Stage

Keith Brown

Keith Brown is a world-class magician, speaker and VIP entertainer that has inspired wonder in over 22 countries and counting! Keith most recently performed in Iceland for the First Lady!