VisualFringe Gallery Reception

Show Length
Lorrie Robertson
Alex Armstrong
Arale Vallely
jarslav vrabec
Catherine Trautmann
Tina Kalopisis
Vanessa Zita Vanderidder
Brian Normandeau
Selma Popovic
Bethany Wood
Jennifer Collins
Jennifer Howard
Beth Stewart
Micheal Yates
Diana Rajala
Whymark Austen
Cora Linden
Brenda Walton
walter sayers
Katie St. Claire
Service Charge

Join us as we open the VisualFringe Festival at TAP with our opening reception.  Mix and mingle with our talented artists and be the first people to catch a glimpse of the 2019 Visual Fringe offerings.

During the daily gallery hours of the festival various artists will be on hand to ask any questions you may have and help process sales should you fall in love with a piece of artwork and want to make it yours.  100% of the proceeds on a purchase go to our artists.

There will be light snacks and a cash bar for your enjoyment.