London Fringe Festival


Recovery Show


Acute psychosis. Catastrophic illness. The genocide in Rwanda. Mirror neurons, crying on airplanes, hiding in papyrus leaves, and government plots to sell your unused brain-space. These seemingly disparate themes converge into a powerful story of personal and political recovery. Based on a true story... I think.

What YOUth Can Do

Youth Group CCLC

What YOUth Can Do is a music performance for everyone. After weeks of collaborative music making and frenzied rehearsals, the Youth Music Program from the Cross Cultural Learner Centre will sing and play covers of their favorite songs and their original compositions. Come for a delightful night of captivating music!

Workshop: Paper-Made Bunraku with Lost&Found Puppet Co (Beaver Dreams)

Lost & Found Puppet Co.

Bunraku is a traditional form of puppetry from Japan, in which a human figure is manipulated by 3 puppeteers. One manipulates the head and arm, another the torso and arm, the third the feet. Together, through the intuitive movements of all 3 puppeteers working together, the puppet is brought to life with superb specificity. In this workshop, students will create a neutral looking human figure made out of crushed paper and masking tape. Then they will group into threes and experiment with making the puppet come alive with breath, emotion, physicality, and storytelling.


Mike Delamont & London Fringe

 “Zamboni Driver charged with impaired driving!” The Daily Show meets Weekend Update in a hilarious send up of the bizarre and wonderful headlines that could only happen in Canada! Starring God Is A Scottish Drag Queen's Mike Delamont and some of your favourite Fringe performers! A London Fringe Fundraiser

Danger Zone

Admission is by donation.

No one really knows what is going to happen here. However, we can tell you that the Danger Zone is for Fringe performers to do something, anything really, that they have always wanted or been afraid to do on stage. The main rule is that it cannot be part of a show that they are doing or have done in the past. Risk taker extraordinaire Keith Brown will host/encourage/dare other performers to dive into the Danger Zone.

The Tillee Awards & Spoof Night

This is a night to acknowledge the amazing talent at the Fringe. While we know that everyone is a winner, some stand out and are recognized by the dedicated group of reviewers from theatreinlondon.ca. The Tillees are always a fun-filled hour that celebrates the creative and talented performers from this year’s Fringe.

Immediately after the Awards are presented, it’s all out fun when Spoof Nite takes off!  Performers parody each other’s shows with hilarious results. Hosted by the omnipresent (and magical) Keith Brown.

Workshop: Introduction to Argentine Tango w PointeTango


Ever wanted to learn the intricacies of Argentine tango? Attend a fun, introductory class to Argentine tango with the dancers from PointeTango. With over fifteen years experience in teaching, Alexander and Erin, believe that anyone can dance if they are given individual attention and taught with clarity in a fun, dynamic way. Join us at the Fringe and learn the basics of Argentine tango. With simple exercises and games we achieve instant results for everyone in class!

Open to beginners, couples and single dancers

Circus of the Stars

Admission is by donation.

What better way to close out the 2018 Fringe than with the Show to Beat All Shows! We can’t tell you what will happen because we don’t know. However, our talented host (Keith Brown, again and always!) pulls this night together with other amazing performers.  Keith and other Fringe performers will entertain, amuse, and surprise you with their closing night antics. Not recommended for those under 16.