London Fringe Festival


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The Invisible Theater of Minneapolis

An otherworldly being is coming to meet you.  Hurtling towards Earth inside a gigantic asteroid, It comes in peace!  It would never hurt It's beloved humans.



Armed with only physicality, kaleidoscopic imagination, and a plastic bag, 2017's Outstanding Solo Performance returns!

The Awesome 80's Prom

Original Kids Theatre Company

The Class of 1989 greets you for this Off-Broadway sensation as you roam the hallways, classrooms and gymnasium of their senior prom! You’ll experience the joys of prom night and vote for who will be crowned Prom King and Queen! Door prizes for anyone dressed in 1980’s wear!

Para Dos


Direct from Argentina, PointeTango dance company brings its latest show Para Dos- For Two! to London. Immerse yourself in the music of Buenos Aires and be swept away by spectacular lifts, graceful ballet, and the passion of Argentine tango. Don’t miss this one of a kind dance show!

What happens when the precision of classical ballet meets the intensity of Argentine tango? PointeTango!


Colette Kendall

From the 3x Canadian Comedy Award nominated creator of THE COCKWHISPERER comes CLIT WIT!  A shoddy at best feminist navigates a life of CCM bikes, novelty t-shirts, middle-age, love at first sight and other similar nightmares.

'A fearless performer, her candor is often shocking but it's also hilarious' Georgia Straight

Dog's Misery Swamp

Pixel Productions

A crazy quilt of colliding obsessions: an idealistic con artist, a birdwatcher gone rogue, a billionaire with a foul fetish, a cryptic creature, and two guys in one pair of pants. In the horribly polluted swamp of a dying town, they're all in hot pursuit of their lives' holy grails!

Art of Astonishment

Keith Brown

       Expect the unexpected from world-class Magician Keith Brown. He’s inspired wonder in over 18 countries and counting. Toronto’s BEST magician and he’s not even from Toronto! See it to believe it!

    "Hotter Than Potter!" - CBC

    "You're Incredible!" - Dave Grohl

    “Magic done right” – Theatre in London

Police Cops

The Pretend Men

Following SELL OUT runs on London England's WEST-END and Edinburgh Fringe Festival, globally acclaimed comedy trio THE PRETEND MEN bring you their ★★★★★ multi award winning comedy blockbuster POLICE COPS; an 80's cop parody featuring supercharged physical comedy, high octane action and uncompromising facial hair.

So Tevye, Could You Use Another Daughter?

The Theatre Company

Thornhill, 1995: As Hannah prepares dinner on the eve of her son’s Bar Mitzvah, her father Isaac, a Holocaust survivor, announces his plans to marry a younger, non-Jewish woman.

Workshop: Slapstick Comedy with A Little Bit Off (Bad Habits)

A Little Bit Off

The early history of American physical comedy can be traced from the early days of vaudeville and the silent film era, all the way through modern day Hollywood blockbusters.  The tradition of the onscreen antics of Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton, Laurel and Hardy and the Three Stooges, lives on today in circus and clown. Often practiced by aging acrobats, slapstick comedy sits at the intersection of acrobatics and acting.

This workshop covers the building blocks of slapstick comedy, including slips, trips, falls and slaps, as well as some acrobatics gone wrong, the right way.