London Fringe Festival


Red Haired Girl

New Years Resolution Productions

A small town girl has a baby by her university professor and 20 years later goes looking for her.



Breath in Mvmt.

Presented in two acts! Witness our guest artist(s) tether to life's habitual limitations; followed by our cast of authentic movers who free their restricted souls and connect with their innermost being. You'll be inspired to do the same.

A Woman's Guide To Peeing Outside

SE Grummett

Ever wondered how to perform the “Assisted Pee Over Water”? Join storyteller Holly M. Brinkman on a coming-of-age adventure. You’ll laugh. You’ll cry. You’ll try not to pee your pants.


Tim C. Murphy

A socially awkward dishwasher, PhD server, poet chef, some beer, and the question - is happier a choice? 

Left Behind


No soldier gets left behind but when World War Two flying ace, Charley Fox is tasked with mentoring a young Afghan war vet he realizes there is more than one way war can hold on to a soldier, and he is reminded, that sometimes the toughest part of war is coming home.

Eye Candy

Stephanie Morin-Robert

“HILARIOUS, EMPOWERING AND VULNERABLE.” Sharing the stage with her real life baby, one-eyed Moth Storyslam Champion recounts her pregnancy and epic 56 hour labour as she mines laughs from her most embarrassing sex story yet. From the creator of the multi-award winning shows BLINDSIDE, MERKIN SISTERS and BUSHEL AND PECK.

Rehabilitating Richard

Bunchbacked Toad Productions

Man or monster?
Power, seduction, deceit, mockery, murder.  All in a day's work for Richard III.  Or was it?  A theatre company wrestles with the real versus Shakespearean image of the notorious English king, and one of the company’s obsession with him.

A Solo from the Pit

Teater KEF

Elias Faingersh, a virtuoso trombone player, reinterprets famous operas in a musical stand up comedy show, framed by his personal dramatic story.