London Fringe Festival


Flute Loops

Devon More Music

With the latest viral hipster band due onstage any moment, a quantum physics student under the influence (of Stephen Hawking) attempts to warp time-space.  Music, math, and the substance of sound collide in a subatomic pop opera where anything that can happen does. From the poetic creator of Berlin Waltz.

Red Bastard: Lie With Me

Eric Davis

Award-winning trickster, Red Bastard, hosts this hilariously fun, ★★★★★ frolic through THE RULES OF LOVE.
Do you know the Rules of Love? Are you sure?  A mischievous, mind-warping show for everyone who’s dared to adore.

“An unquestionable must see!  Hysterically funny.”

-The Adelaidian

★★★★★ Edinburgh-Festivals-Magazine

Old Fart

Theatre Para-Paraxis

 “Hilarious, Touching, Fun”. Old Tom takes you, by story and song, through the joys and challenges of living long, laughing hard and loving deeply.  Winner of the 2017 London One Act Festival’s People’s Choice Award and Best Actor Award.  Don’t miss the “Old Fart”.

I Never Promised You a Rose Garden

Brooke Gilmour

From a young age we see the world through rose coloured glasses. While hypnotic and alluring, life’s misfortunes may permeate our once untarnished eyes. Ultimately, we are defined by our receptiveness to calamity, and allowing other colours to come into bloom may be the only way of coming to terms.

Moments in Movements

Connor McPhail

Curated by: Melisa Boose & Connor McPhail

Random happenings between random people in which you can actively partake in.

Local dancers and musicians coming together to experiment, create and evolve something that will only exist in these moments and movements.

Art of War

Brant Theatre Workshops

This exciting new play combines Lawren Harris’ own poetry, theatre scenes, live visual art and entertaining audience participation.

The play tells the story of Lawren Harris during World War 1 and the impact war had on the artists that gave birth to the Group of Seven. This lively look at our cultural icons is unique and fascinating.

Infinite Sequels

Thespis Spoken Word & Stage

The Poet is reflective and wants to share. The Violin and the tender persuasion of a Macallan 18 urge the words forward. Love, retribution, forgiveness, anguish, sorrow, gratitude.....The Poet reviews a life lived, casting his frail beam of illumination on the joyous, too often pitted landscape of human experience.

Before the Fall

Pendulum Theater

One autumn morning, three people arrive at work expecting an average day. Minutes later, their world explodes into chaos. Thrown into existential crises, they're forced to reconcile their situation and face the possibility of their own deaths, learning what it means to die, but also what it means to live.

Something Loved

Beau Ideal Productions

A multi-disciplined play incorporating storytelling and acting with the artistry and athleticism of elite figure skating, on inline wheels. This heartwarming story revolves around a grandmother and granddaughter, whose strained relationship is affected by personal memories, sparked by family heirlooms found in their attic.