London Fringe Festival


Carey-OK! : Timeless Timely Tunes

Chip Pop Productions

Rising Fringe favourite, Wass (RIDE THE CYCLONE -★★★★ Globe & Mail) unleashes a one-man a cappella musical that blends singing, beatboxing, rapping, and dance into a series of uplifting song-o-logues about anxiety, social media, and his journey living in Vietnam.  

Say Nothing

Melissa Lang-Nichol

First time Director, Melissa Lang-Nichol, and special guest choreographers present “Say Nothing;” An exploration through movement of difficult topics. Join our cast of over eighty dancers as we push the boundaries of universal subterranean realities. Take part in the conversation as we express on-stage what is ordinarily suppressed off-stage.


O.N.E. Contemporary Company

How did you get here? Have life events lead you down an unexpected path? Is it possible that an "unfavourable" outcome protected you from a disaster that you didn't see coming? Switch lenses with us and explore the "what-ifs" you never experienced.

Throne Life

The Electronic Gospel Experience

Sonny strikes a deal for God's help based on one condition:  He Must be Resurrected as a Fool.  Sonny's dark side takes over telling his story with self-deprecating and sadistic humour relentlessly railing against God and man. 

Fuckboys The Musical

Generation Productions

A haphazard guide to navigating the modern dating scene.

80s Kids Will Understand

The Ringos

From scrunchies to Iran-Contra, everyone has warm memories of the 80s. And If you don’t? Let The Ringos remember it for you. Remember She-Ra? Not the new She-Ra. The old, bad one. Remember Alf?
Get ready to have your childhood ruined…or your parents’ childhood. Wait, how old are you again?

Jon Bennett: Playing With Men

A Mulled Whine

Jon was once a great junior footballer in Australia. Now a multi award-winning performer of international festival favourites, it seems he couldn't be further away from the football field. A show about community, friendships, life, death, and a bit of football.

Game of Crohn's

Game of Crohn's

Dan Rosen recounts his self-defecating tale of 20+ years struggling with Crohn's disease. In the Game of Crohn's, you win or spend your life on the toilet.