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Hell Ya! An Evening with the Devil

Mike Delamont

★★★★★ “FUNNY AS HELL” Winnipeg Free Press. From the star of God Is A Scottish Drag Queen. You've heard what God has to say and now its time to hear the other side! Satan sets the record straight on everything from marshmallows to leviticus in an unforgettable night of hilarity!

This is Step One

New Twist Theatre Collective

Jess has it all together... at least that’s what she wants you to think. We are what we remember, and after an accidental and horrifying blast from the past, Jess begins to recount her less than virtuous teen/young adult life. Meet Jess, manic cleaner and recovering *ssh*ole.

Red Bastard: Lie With Me

Eric Davis

Award-winning trickster, Red Bastard, hosts this hilariously fun, ★★★★★ frolic through THE RULES OF LOVE.
Do you know the Rules of Love? Are you sure?  A mischievous, mind-warping show for everyone who’s dared to adore.

“An unquestionable must see!  Hysterically funny.”

-The Adelaidian

★★★★★ Edinburgh-Festivals-Magazine


Cory Thibert

Award-winning actor, writer and storytelling champion Cory Thibert, embodies his 19-year-old self as he uncovers the truth behind what sets his family apart in this coming-of-age story with a twist.

Hilarious. Honest. Impactful.

By the co-creator of:

Happiness™ - ★★★★★ (Winnipeg Free Press)
Wolves > Boys - ★★★★★ (CBC)

The ADHD Project

Squirrel Suit Productions

Storyteller Carlyn Rhamey shares the trials and triumphs of growing up a little bit “special” and embracing what makes us different. Enter her world of chaos, creativity and combat with her mind.

Ottawa Emerging Artist Award 2017

★★★★ “CAPTIVATING” OnStage Ottawa

“Rhamey takes it to a higher level” ArtsAlly Hamilton


Grade 8


A lot can happen at thirteen. In this coming-of-age 'storied concert', Lara takes us back, with humour and heart, to a year that tested her mettle and taught her to face her fears, performing songs from 1980/81 (including Blondie, Billy Squier, Diana Ross, The Police & Tom Petty).

Art of War

Brant Theatre Workshops

This exciting new play combines Lawren Harris’ own poetry, theatre scenes, live visual art and entertaining audience participation.

The play tells the story of Lawren Harris during World War 1 and the impact war had on the artists that gave birth to the Group of Seven. This lively look at our cultural icons is unique and fascinating.

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The Invisible Theater of Minneapolis

An otherworldly being is coming to meet you.  Hurtling towards Earth inside a gigantic asteroid, It comes in peace!  It would never hurt It's beloved humans.



Armed with only physicality, kaleidoscopic imagination, and a plastic bag, 2017's Outstanding Solo Performance returns!


Colette Kendall

From the 3x Canadian Comedy Award nominated creator of THE COCKWHISPERER comes CLIT WIT!  A shoddy at best feminist navigates a life of CCM bikes, novelty t-shirts, middle-age, love at first sight and other similar nightmares.

'A fearless performer, her candor is often shocking but it's also hilarious' Georgia Straight