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Left Behind


No soldier gets left behind but when World War Two flying ace, Charley Fox is tasked with mentoring a young Afghan war vet he realizes there is more than one way war can hold on to a soldier, and he is reminded, that sometimes the toughest part of war is coming home.

Rehabilitating Richard

Bunchbacked Toad Productions

Man or monster?
Power, seduction, deceit, mockery, murder.  All in a day's work for Richard III.  Or was it?  A theatre company wrestles with the real versus Shakespearean image of the notorious English king, and one of the company’s obsession with him.


Serried Productions

In a time of worship and orgies; two city-states, Sparta and Athens, have been warring for decades.

Can there be hope for PEACE in the crafty, strategic warfare of LYSISTRATA?

Denial Is A Wonderful Thing

EXIT Theatre

One woman, three continents, six decades and a lusty affair: from Mumbai to the Outback, New York to the Haight, naive schoolgirl to free spirit.  Best Storyteller 2017 United Solo (NYC). "Holding herself with the charm and elegance of a heroine from a classic film noir" Theatre Is Easy (NYC)

At Home, On Stage

Keith Brown

Keith Brown is a world-class magician, speaker and VIP entertainer that has inspired wonder in over 22 countries and counting! Keith most recently performed in Iceland for the First Lady!

80s Kids Will Understand

The Ringos

From scrunchies to Iran-Contra, everyone has warm memories of the 80s. And If you don’t? Let The Ringos remember it for you. Remember She-Ra? Not the new She-Ra. The old, bad one. Remember Alf?
Get ready to have your childhood ruined…or your parents’ childhood. Wait, how old are you again?



A wildly dizzying whirl of juggling giggling magic and movement, puppetry pjs circus and socks … totally tangled together! A unicyclist careens on stage, suitcase in tow, unpacking a quirky world of clothes-pin towers, erratic toothbrushes and gargantuan grins. Objects swirl into chaotic creation in this solo circus show!


Left on Read

Zaid Shamsi

Love can be hard when you're left on read. Join Zaid on this journey as he shares his story of relationships, poor career choices, and ultimately finding himself.

An All New God Is A Scottish Drag Queen

Mike Delamont

God, dressed in a floral power suit, comes down to skewer everything from Armadillos to Zeus in an ALL NEW and hilarious hour of comedy. Come see why God is one of the most popular show on the fringe!