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Carey-OK! : Timeless Timely Tunes

Chip Pop Productions

Rising Fringe favourite, Wass (RIDE THE CYCLONE -★★★★ Globe & Mail) unleashes a one-man a cappella musical that blends singing, beatboxing, rapping, and dance into a series of uplifting song-o-logues about anxiety, social media, and his journey living in Vietnam.  

2 Sherlock Holmes Adventures


The game’s afoot!  The 2018 Winnipeg/Edmonton Fringe hit comes to the London stage.  Two deeply-seasoned Fringe vets  (Kenneth Brown and John Huston) perform two of Conan Doyle's best-loved stories.  

Pack Animals

Scantily Glad Theatre

Ever been to summer camp? Took a shit in the woods and wiped using pages from your guidebook?

 Speared the patriarchy on a hot dog stick and toasted it over a roaring fire?  JOIN US for an adventure through the untamed forest of sex, puppets, bushcraft...and campfire songs!

Road Trip With Secrets


Two heart-warming, hilarious plays, connected by a central character, featuring an incredibly talented cast of nine. In Secrets, old Newfoundland friends reconnect and reminisce after 40 years apart and in Road Trip, (won several awards at LOAF 2018) a couple attempt to navigate around relationship pot holes while raising toddlers.

Game of Crohn's

Game of Crohn's

Dan Rosen recounts his self-defecating tale of 20+ years struggling with Crohn's disease. In the Game of Crohn's, you win or spend your life on the toilet.


O.N.E. Contemporary Company

How did you get here? Have life events lead you down an unexpected path? Is it possible that an "unfavourable" outcome protected you from a disaster that you didn't see coming? Switch lenses with us and explore the "what-ifs" you never experienced.


Maybles' Productions

Monty Python + Princess Bride + Mel Brooks = DUEL LOVE. If you’re looking for a deep, thought-provoking play that will make you ponder life’s meaning – this probably isn't the play for you. DUEL LOVE promises to take an hour of your life you will never get back!

A Woman's Guide To Peeing Outside

SE Grummett

Ever wondered how to perform the “Assisted Pee Over Water”? Join storyteller Holly M. Brinkman on a coming-of-age adventure. You’ll laugh. You’ll cry. You’ll try not to pee your pants.

Reunited Shorts

Fridge Door Live Theatre Company

6 unique award winning short plays about reunions, written by Len Cuthbert, that have entertained audiences in festivals in Canada, US, NYC, and the UK. Experience an outstanding cast perform in "Benched", "The Gift Exchange", "Table For Two Rendezvous", "Last Dance", "delilah.", and "You, Me. Me, You."