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A Menagerie of Bones

Solla Sollew Productions

This is a true story about growing up in a dysfunctional family.  It's about resilience and courage and creativity, of course.  But more importantly, it's about a game. A game built from things other people threw away.  A game that saved my life.

Fuckboys The Musical

Generation Productions

A haphazard guide to navigating the modern dating scene.

Knowing You

Scuba Diver Productions

Knowing You is a new original play about four siblings, each with different mothers, meeting for the first time when visiting their deceased father’s house to settle his affairs. The show is a dramatic look at family, friendship, coming to terms with death, and what it means to know someone.


Tim C. Murphy

A socially awkward dishwasher, PhD server, poet chef, some beer, and the question - is happier a choice? 

Red Haired Girl

New Years Resolution Productions

A small town girl has a baby by her university professor and 20 years later goes looking for her.


When Life Gives You Apples

In(dash)Between Productions

Athazagoraphobia is the fear of forgetting, being forgotten or ignored... this touching comedy is a moving snapshot of how Alzheimer’s can affect one family.


Breath in Mvmt.

Presented in two acts! Witness our guest artist(s) tether to life's habitual limitations; followed by our cast of authentic movers who free their restricted souls and connect with their innermost being. You'll be inspired to do the same.

Throne Life

The Electronic Gospel Experience

Sonny strikes a deal for God's help based on one condition:  He Must be Resurrected as a Fool.  Sonny's dark side takes over telling his story with self-deprecating and sadistic humour relentlessly railing against God and man.