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A Nightmare on East Hastings

Bessie-Jean Productions

Bill’s been busy since he was at the London Fringe in 2014. He’s proud to return with an autobiographical comedy about his misadventures while managing residential properties in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside “Canada’s most notorious neighbourhood”.

“I Hate Bill Pats”. Winner Most Fringe Show - London Fringe.

“Deliciously entertaining” London Free Press

So Tevye, Could You Use Another Daughter?

The Theatre Company

Thornhill, 1995: As Hannah prepares dinner on the eve of her son’s Bar Mitzvah, her father Isaac, a Holocaust survivor, announces his plans to marry a younger, non-Jewish woman.

The Cardboard Countess

urban spine

A troubled teen. A homeless woman proclaiming she is a Countess. Which world do you want to live in:  A world where crowns are made out of garbage, or our modern society where humans value technology over humanity?

At times tragic, at times hilarious, the ongoing battle between these two characters, both fighting to be heard in an ever hostile world, is a play audiences of all ages can relate to.

I Never Promised You a Rose Garden

Brooke Gilmour

From a young age we see the world through rose coloured glasses. While hypnotic and alluring, life’s misfortunes may permeate our once untarnished eyes. Ultimately, we are defined by our receptiveness to calamity, and allowing other colours to come into bloom may be the only way of coming to terms.

Attention Seeker

That's Enough Drama

The painfully shy joke-writer for a famous British comic crashes into the Standup spotlight… and the rest is history (except history is normally written by the winners). A regrettably true story about mental distraction & ego destruction.

★★★★★ “incredibly smart, funny” Edmonton Journal

"Hugely talented, a cut above most storytellers" CBC

Infinite Sequels

Thespis Spoken Word & Stage

The Poet is reflective and wants to share. The Violin and the tender persuasion of a Macallan 18 urge the words forward. Love, retribution, forgiveness, anguish, sorrow, gratitude.....The Poet reviews a life lived, casting his frail beam of illumination on the joyous, too often pitted landscape of human experience. nobody's watching

Jake Simonds

Tom Hanks had Wilson. Jake Simonds has Spalding. Inspired by survival-in-isolation cinema and the monologues of Spalding Gray (“Swimming to Cambodia," Wooster Group), nobody's watching is a funny show about loneliness.

Cleaning Up

Theatre Soup

Step into the sensible shoes of a house cleaner and find out what it's really like to clean houses for a living - the weird, the annoying, and the downright mysterious!  A sense of humour really goes a long way in the high-stakes world of housekeeping!

For anyone who has ever made a mess

Calum and the Whale


A young man in search of viral video fame plans an ultimate, adrenaline junkie stunt. Close to the shores of Cape Breton Island, he befriends a curious humpback whale with a huge hunger for adventure. This original musical features an east coast flavour with a dynamic, experienced cast.